About Ray’s Empanadas

High Quality, Savory & Delicious Food All In One Empanada Bite

Ray Durrett Jr. is the Chef & Owner of Rays Empanadas! He was born & raised in New Rochelle, New York. One thing to note – he is really passionate about family, football & food. In September 2019, he started Rays Empanadas in honor of my late grandfather, LT, who was a chef at many well-known restaurants in the NY area. Cooking has always been a vital part of his life as I’ve been in the kitchen with my grandparents, parents and brother.

Rays Empanadas offers quick yet high quality, savory & delicious food all in one empanada bite! Not to mention, we have creative options for our vegan empanada lovers! Other than empanadas, tacos, empanada tacos as well as other must-have meals for your event.

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About Our Empanadas

Empanadas In Unlimited Flavors

Our empanadas are made with love in each and every bite. Our creative flavors are a product of Chef Ray’s continued curiosity and experiments in the kitchen. Wether you want to entertain your family and friends or you need a quick bite for yourself, there will be no disappointment. Our empanadas are influenced by a variety of different cultures including Southern, American, Jamaican, and Mexican. You can never have just one, so order a few and some for your family & friends too!

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Ray’s Food Truck Journey

Ray’s vision has always been to travel and share his food with the world. What better way to do that than to have a mobile kitchen. In 2020, during the pandemic, Rays Empanadas grew its following delivering food all throughout Westchester, NY and New York City. Now thanks to the help of Rent2Own Trailers, we have a brand new custom built food trailer. Have Ray’s Empanadas Food Truck at your next festival, celebration or event.